Sunday, December 15, 2013


Welcome to Loving Culinary, where I'll be blogging about all things FOOD!

I'll begin posting here on 1 January 2014. So bookmark this site and please visit again - and visit often! I'll continue editing and posting at Fab Fantasy Fiction, but this site will focus specifically on books related (in some way) to food.

Although I'm not a chef, I've worked with, known, and am friends with many of these talented kitchen gods and goddesses. I love cooking myself, and develop new recipes and interpret (and reinterpret) favorite stand-bys.

As winter approaches, I find myself in the kitchen more and more, creating comfort food to stave off the cold. I love to browse through cookbooks, for both the recipes and the worlds of taste and experience they open to me.

In addition, I love reading about life in the kitchen. Whether it's a biography of a chef or a romance about a chocolatier or a temperamental British chef/reality show star, I find myself engrossed in the world of culinary creation.

So, join me here. Share your recipes. Let us know what your favorite cookbook stand-by is. Who is your favorite chef? Read reviews of cookbooks, as well as select fiction and non-fiction titles. But most of all, let's celebrate food!

As one of my icons would say, Bon App├ętit!